BREEZ Technology co. ltd was founded by JOWHER MAHAMOOD and the co-founder JAMES Li in 2012. specializes in researching, Developing, designing, manufacturing,sound system,In 1877, gramophone showed its magic, bringing music to the everyone, that’s when music sharing started. In 1924, headphone unveiled itself, creating a world for music lovers to immerse in, that’s when music evolved into individual experience.

Living in a technology booming era, music is being delivered in various forms every minute, everywhere to everyone. The world is noisy, so you put on a headphone to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle, but also isolating yourself from others, from countless opportunities to share wonderful music. Specializing in audio electronic items for over 10 years, BREEZ caught the subtle sentimental change among people. The thought of making a versatile headphone emerged from then. From ideas to action, after several months’ research and development, MH series finally came out in 2015. Headphone for immersion music experience while speaker for sharing anytime anywhere, just twist the ear-cup out. We give people the right and chance to switch the way music shows within a second. As a company pursuing creativity and innovation, BREEZ has long been dedicated to keeping our team a dynamic status.

We are active to take part in different kinds of activities. We are willing to take every chance to show our product in the different well-known exhibition, like Exhibition Show in HK in April 2017 for two times, Quanzhan Competition which is a sales performance competition organized by Alibaba and we won the first prize. All of these activities greatly strengthened our team spirit and renewed our self-recognition, to constantly perfect our product.

BREEZ Technology Co., Ltd, since 2012, specializes in researching, Developing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing of all kinds of mobile phone gadgets, mainly Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth sports headset, wired headphone, powerbanks, chargers,charging cable and earphones. BREEZ Technology co. ltd occupies about 3000 square meters, 5 lines for assembling. The output per days is 3600pcs. We have 90 workers ,5 engineers,4QC and there are 8 people in the sales department. After decades of effort,the Brand "BREEZ" becomes one of the best-known in this industrial. Products and service network cover more than 30 countries and regions. Hereby we sincerely invite you to work hand in hand with us to offer your customers perfect items, perfect after-sales services and glorious future.